WordPress vs Squarespace: CAGE FIGHT!

Posted by pb+j on Jul 5, 2018 4:41:00 AM


Comparing two website building platforms is like comparing apples to apples. You want to make sure you’re comparing the same areas, taking stock of their strengths and weaknesses in every category, before baking them? In a delicious pie? In this instance, the pie is your website, and the deliciousness is not having to worry about your website all the time. Let’s dig in!


WordPress: Many free themes from WordPress and paid themes from WordPress developers. Free themes are tested for standard compliant code, quality HTML and CSS, security, privacy, and more. Paid ones are made by developers who can bypass WordPress’ review process, meaning they might end up incompatible with some plug-ins.

Squarespace: 91+ responsive, mobile-friendly, beautiful templates that you can switch up or customize any time without losing content.

Winner: Squarespace. Though WordPress has more themes than Squarespace, Squarespace’s templates are regulated and optimized for SEO, web, and mobile (and the kids are say’n that mobiles are the future).



WordPress: It can be good, but that’s completely dependent upon your designer/developer’s ability. Making WordPress ecommerce friendly will require the integration and use of a third party ecommerce engine, which is even more to deal with.

Squarespace: Basic. Squarespace isn’t an ecommerce platform, but they do have built-in ecommerce functionality if your business wants to sell a few items. Easy-to-use functionality that accepts Stripe, Paypal, and Apple Pay without having to download any apps.

Winner: Squarespace by a hair. Neither platforms are ecommerce first (hi, Shopify!), but Squarespace’s built-in functionalities mean you don’t need a developer to set up shop.



WordPress: Relies on finding good plugins and adapting functions to your needs.
After launch you must stay in touch with the developer.

Squarespace: Great if you have a designer who knows business sites. Squarespace gets bonus points for easy maintenance and great support.

Winner: Squarespace (handily!)




Platform - free
+ Web design
+ Extensions (development time needed)
+ Updates (can be tricky to update...more development time)
+ Hosting ($150-300/y)


Platform included in monthly fee

+ Web design  

+ Updates (simple to update, so your development will not be arrested ;)

+ Hosting ($216/y (Business plan))

Winner: Squarespace. WordPress can be cheaper up front, but those ongoing developer payments add up.



WordPress: Plugin and good. WordPress is very flexible when it comes to SEO features, but using them properly requires both a plugin and some technical know-how.

Squarespace: Built-in and good. SEO-able page titles, meta-descriptions, title tags, H1 tags, URLs, SSL, auto-generated sitemaps, and more across the board!

Winner: Squarespace. It keeps SEO simple, and K.I.S.S. 4ever.



WordPress: Requires ongoing maintenance + monthly updates you need to implement.

Squarespace: Auto-updates happen in the background.

Winner: Squarespace (low-maintenance!)



WordPress: Steep. You’ll need basic knowledge of:
Front-end development
Basic coding and CSS

Squarespace: Easy! The drag-and-drop editor is easy to understand and adapts well. 24/7 customer support is only a phone call away!

Winner: Squarespace by a mile.

CHAMPION: Squarespace!

While WordPress is an amazing platform for those with coding knowledge, a ton of time on their hands, or a friend who is a developer, Squarespace’s ease of use and stunning templates walk away with the win. Are we biased because we use Squarespace? Absolutely! Did we intentionally select to specialize in Squarespace because it is the best website platform for small, medium, and large businesses that can generate the right traffic and ultimately give companies advantage over their competitors (and doesn’t shy away from a run-on sentence?)...Yup!


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