Why Hire A Squarespace Specialist To Design Your New Website?

Posted by pb+j on Jul 2, 2018 11:23:00 AM

Squarespace Specialist

Let us count the ways! Or, rather, let us count the reasons an entrepreneur/small business owner should work with a Squarespace specialist who really knows their stuff on a new website. Because you’ve got 99 problems, but with a Squarespace specialist, building a beautiful new website won’t be one.

Reason 1: You know you deserve a beautiful website, but don’t want to pay a literal arm and a leg for it.

A good website designer will understand minimalist & modern design techniques, and will be able to make a beautiful website that will impress your visitors and give your business validity. Their speed and knowledge mean they can do it in a reasonable amount of time, so you only pay a reasonable amount.

Reason 2: You don’t know how to make a Squarespace site.

That’s cool! For all its user friendliness, Squarespace does have certain levels of awesome that only a designer can unlock. They’ll also have an extremely in-depth knowledge of the tools available for small businesses, saving you hours of research and tinkering. Plus, working with a bonafide, certified Squarespace specialist means working with a trustworthy vendor who has passed all the platform’s checks and balances. You know your site is in safe hands.

Reason 3: If you do work with a specialist, you don’t want to rely on them forever to update your site.

That’s fair, and designers don’t take the fact you never want to speak to them again personally. A good Squarespace specialist will teach you (and your team) how to effectively use your website to help you grow your business online without their help. Just like a mama bird teaching her baby birds to fly. But with less worms.


Reason 4: You don’t understand why your site won’t show up on Google.

You’ve invested in a site, so why isn’t that investment paying off?! Fighting the big, bad Google can be exhausting and mega-frustrating. But, even Google has a weakness, and that’s a Squarespace site with optimized SEO integration. A Squarespace specialist will understand how to properly set up SEO on a blog (or other pages) of your website in order to drive more organic traffic from Google searches. Sorry not sorry, Google. See you on the first page, buddy!


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Reason 5: People aren’t buying/calling/booking from your site.

A Squarespace specialist will know how to use Google Analytics and other tools to build the best page layout and optimization of your website. They’ll also have a good working knowledge of UX principles, making it easy and productive for your visitors to use. They’ll know how to create a site that works for you, whether you want to sell more, make more connections, or generate more leads.

Reason 6: You don’t know how to market yourself/your business with digital tools.

A good website designer will understand how to use a website as a marketing tool that will bring in more leads through email address submissions and contact form submissions. They’ll use their digital marketing knowledge to make suggestions and provide solutions drawing from a wealth of digital marketing tools: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads platform, social media, and SEO. They’ll know which are the best platforms for your business and your timelines, helping you build a holistic digital marketing plan that’s attainable and do-able, wherever your business is at. It’s a win-win-win, when you think about it.


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