Website Trends to Watch for in 2019

Posted by pb+j on Jan 15, 2019 5:17:16 PM

Website trends to watch for in 2019Working with a website design agency to bring your website vision to life is a thrilling part of building a business. It is important to stay in touch with current web design trends and best practices as a way to get some ideas for a successful site when working with a website designer. As website development evolves and changes with each passing year, web designers now focus on user experience as the number one priority of custom web design.

The website trends of 2019 expand on this priority of user experience, which motivates the best website designers to build websites that can maintain relevance and longevity. Understanding current website trends will ensure that the design will look great for many years, while a fleeting fad is something to be wary of, as it will make the design feel outdated after a short period of time.

Website trends this coming year is all about prioritizing speed, improving the mobile design, creating a catchy yet simple web design, and using dynamic colours with bold typography. Most importantly, when you work with a website designer, it is imperative that you be clear about your design goals and preferences. Keep these trends in mind when discussing and developing your website project.

Depth and integrated animations

Small animations and overlaid elements and movement throughout your site can help the user understand your messaging and satisfy them when they click or mouse over an element. Changing the colour of a button or an automatic expansion of a menu when clicking on a certain item can be a powerful way to validate a user as they browse through your website.Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 4.35.49 PM 

Large images and collages

Powerful imagery can increase your SEO by decreasing your bounce rate and optimize user engagement. High-definition photos and collages provide imaging for users to connect with, forming a relationship between potential customer and your company. Users are more likely to commit to and buy from companies that they connect with and trust. Be sure your images directly relate to your website content, include alt text descriptions and title tags, and utilize smart file names to boost SEO.mambo 

Animated backgrounds and video

Video and animated backgrounds have been proved to increase conversions. Even though many people like fast and simple website design, a video feature seems to go against that mindset simply because videos can be more captivating than text or images. Users are more likely to stick around and watch the video because this feature grabs attention, raising your time-on-site metric. The higher this is, the better your SEO.seedlip

Dynamic colours and gradients

Using bright colours, clean edges, and a solid amount of open white space can be refreshing for the user’s eye. It can enhance a minimalist approach and add an air of unexpectedness. Strategically placing interesting colours and gradients in expressive and dynamic imagery can direct the viewer’s attention toward a specifically engaging piece of content or calls to action.nucleus maximus

Big, bold typography

While you don’t want your entire website in fully capitalized as extreme typography that portrays yelling aggressively at users, a tasteful inclusion of interesting typography can draw in users and capture their interest. Choose two to three contrasting bold fonts to use for headlines, sub-headlines, and body text that complement one another. Commit to these fonts across all programming to create uniformity within your brand.simplychocolate

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Mobile-first design

Mobile search is now the highest form of searching online worldwide. This means that search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites over those that lack mobile capability. Mobile-first design means that website designers create the site for the mobile user first before they design a version that also works for a desktop user. This practice will likely be a trend for years to come, as people become more and more mobile-oriented.Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.49.33 PM

Grid layouts

A grid layout is just what it sounds like: a way of composing content around a series of vertical and horizontal lines. For the reader’s eye, it is much easier to consume content with a grid layout. Images and written content appear more manageable, readable and organized than if they were to be thrown onto the site in a discombobulated manner. Grids determine the foundation of the website, but not necessarily the design. They just create a smart layout for the content to be arranged strategically. Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.54.09 PM copy

User-first UX/UI

UX is the user experience, while UI is the user interface. UX determines how easy or how hard it is for users to learn about the business, complete forms, or take action on your website, while UI refers to the experience users have when they are on your website. UX/UI are detrimental aspects of custom web design because it lays the framework for users interacting with your website. Your site needs to be easy to use and understand, the buttons and forms should all work and have a purpose, and it must be enjoyable to look at and use.


Non-traditional scrolling

Non-traditional scrolling patterns allow you to play with the delivery, pace, and interactivity of your website content. Collectively, our online attention span is at a whopping 8 seconds, so an interesting and different approach to something as simple as scrolling could leave users’ interest piqued. A few styles of scrolling include long scrolling, fixed long scrolling, infinite scrolling, and tasteful parallax scrolling.


If you are seeking affordable website design with one of the best website design companies, we would be honoured to work with you to develop a custom website that incorporates these trends and your ideas. We believe with custom websites and creative designs, experience counts, reputation matters, and that hard work and a pinch of crazy goes a long way. Our clients say we’re the ‘antidote to the typical’ (we wouldn’t say this about ourselves, of course, but it does have a nice ring to it).

If you believe that we can do something together that’s exciting and interesting, that’s never been done before, there’s a good chance we’re made for each other.

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