The Most Epic Squarespace Plugins For Your Entrepreneurial Website

Posted by pb+j on Jul 23, 2018 11:04:00 AM

Squarespace Plugins

Universal truth: Squarespace is a boss platform, all on its own. But, every business has different needs, and luckily there are certain Squarespace plugins (they call them ‘Integrations’, but that’s just Squarespace jargon) to customize your business site and really take it to the next level. Here are our favourites!

 Apple News

The Apple News integration allows you to cross-publish your blog within the Apple News app, sharing your content with a much wider audience. The process couldn’t be easier: Just submit your blog to Apple to get approval, start getting massive distribution and exposure, and let the contacts start rolling in. Considering the Apple News app is built in to all current iPhones and iPads in the US, UK, and Australia, your content will literally be shared far AND wide.


Perfect for restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, musical cabarets, aestheticians, and anything else where you would want to book a seat, the OpenTable block is a Premium feature available in Squarespace’s current website plans. Diners/patrons can reserve a table without leaving your Squarespace site, making the process easier for them and keeping them on your page. To set it up, you simply set up an account with OpenTable first, then you can customize the look of the actual block to blend right in with the rest of your site (unlike the OpenTable Widget, which is available to everyone but is strictly OpenTable branded.)


Stripe is an all-in-one payment integration that lets you accept credit card, debit card, and Apple Pay payments within your Squarespace eCommerce site, making it perfect for any solopreneurs with an online store. It’s available in all business and commerce plans on Squarespace, and couldn’t be simpler to use:

Set up a Stripe account, connect it to your Squarespace, then run a couple test orders to make sure everything is going according to plan.

One watch-out: if you’re using Stripe across different accounts, make sure to add them all to your Stripe profile or your additional accounts will be shut down. Boo!


Talk to someone about building a site with these plugins.


A must for anyone doing international business, Bablic translates your website into different languages. You can choose from machine translation, professional translation, or to manually translate your content yourself. This one is a little more intensive to install: you have to add Bablic as a code injection on your site, so it does take a little more Squarespace backend know-how. But, if your customers are multilingual and you want to make them feel at home (or make them pay — 56.2% of users say browsing in their own language is more important than price!) or if you’re doing business across borders, Bablic is for you!


Speaking of international jet-setting, Geotargetly customizes website content based on location.

You can redirect using links, popups, content, images, links and more — Geotargetly is easily customizable depending on your business needs. If you’re selling alcohol and need to age-gate depending on province, or if you have targeted content for your various customer segments, Geotargetly can help.


The PayPal integration lets you accept payments through PayPal (shocking, we know). Plus, you can connect both Stripe and PayPal to your site, so you can accept basically every form of payment except Diner’s Club and Canadian Tire Money. The PayPal integration is available in all Business and Commerce plans on Squarespace, and all you have to do is connect your PayPal business account to your Squarespace account and you’re of to the races.

One watch out: PayPal business accounts only lets you connect one credit or debit card at a time, so make sure you’re not using the same card as your personal account or it will shut you down! Sad face!


MailChimp is an automated email service that lets you send newsletters, promos, eblasts, blog notifications, chain letters, love letters….basically, any form of electronic mail. You can integrate your MailChimp account with your Squarespace to collect email addresses and grow your subscriber list with any form on your site. You can also add attention-grabbing newsletter pop-ups to really grow your subscriber list and get those contact details!


Love these integrations, but don’t love the work of connecting them?

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