Squarespace vs Shopify: Website Platform March Madness

Posted by A Davies on Mar 27, 2018 10:42:00 AM

Hello sports fans! IT’S TIME FOR THE BIG FINALE! Are we excited, or what!? Why did you pay for the whole seat, when you only need the edge?!

Quick recap: we've been pitting popular website platforms against each other, using some wildly incorrect sports analogies. Jammer Matt is providing sports fact-checking through GIFs.

Round 1
went to Squarespace, the best looking of the website platforms. So, that handsome Toronto Blue Jay who lives in a van!

Squarespace vs shopify 1

Round 2 went to Shopify, the behind-the-scenes financial hero of the platform world. Basically, Cuba Gooding Jr in that movie where he wears a headset and shouts a lot.

 Squarespace vs shopify 2


I don't know, Matt! But I do know that we're about to go to the highly-anticipated FINAL ROUND! Who will walk away victorious, holding the Stanley Cup aloft with pride and then drinking beer out of it? Let’s find out!

Round 3


Squarespace vs shopify march_madness_round_2



Squarespace:  91+ responsive, mobile-friendly, beautiful free templates that you can switch up any time without losing content.

Shopify:  Hundreds of online shop designs to choose from with different features to create your perfect store. Most are free, but there are paid premium options.





SquarespaceBasic. Squarespace isn’t an ecommerce platform, but they do have built-in ecommerce functionality if your business wants to sell a few items. Easy-to-use functionality that accepts Stripe, Paypal, and Apple Pay without having to download any apps

Shopify:  Exceptional. Shopify is the Big Kahuna of ecommerce for a reason. It’s an all-in-one e-commerce solution/tool that lets you sell anything from anywhere safely and securely. They make it easy to make money.





Squarespace: Great if you have a designer who knows business sites. Squarespace gets bonus points for easy maintenance and great support.

Shopify: Includes top-notch tools like analytics and being able to target shopping cart

abandoners and provide live shipping estimates.





SquarespacePlatform is incl. in monthly fee + Hosting = $216/y for business sites, $480/y for ecommerce (+ web design $$)

Shopify: Platform is incl. in monthly fee + Hosting  + choice of basic, Shopify, and advanced packages  = between $348 - $3588/y (+ web design $$)


Depends what you're looking for. For business sites, Squarespace takes it. For ecommerce, it's Shopify. So, tie!



SquarespaceBuilt-in and goodSEO-able page titles, meta-descriptions, title tags, H1 tags, URLs ,SSL, auto-generated sitemaps, and more across the board!

Shopify: Built in and basic. Shopify makes it easy to apply on-page SEO, but built-in options are limited when it comes to SEO-friendly practises like content marketing. You could always purchase an app from the (extensive) app marketplace to make that happen, though!





SquarespaceAuto-updates happen in the background

Shopify: Auto-updates happen in the background.





Squarespace: The drag-and-drop editor is easy to understand and adapts well. 24/7 customer support is only a phone call away!

Shopify: Bit of a learning curve to figure out where everything is located in the back end and to adapt to Shopify's language, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. Plus, customer support and education from Shopify is legendary!




 Squarespace AND Shopify!

march_madness_Squarespace vs shopify

In an historic moment, Shopify and Squarespace are in a deadlock for first place!

Squarespace vs shopify 3

In all my years as a sports commentator (so...none) and website blogger, I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Squarespace vs shopify 4

Depending on what you’re looking for, Squarespace or Shopify could be your Ultimate Grand Supreme Website Platform. If you need the simplicity of a fully-managed ecommerce platform to sell your extensive product line, Shopify is Super Bowl LII champions The Philadelphia Cream Steaks. If you’re looking for a site that’s already beautiful but can be taken to even beautiful-er heights by a designer while still being effective, Squarespace would wear that pennant.

Squarespace vs shopify 5Now you're getting it, Matt! There’s even the chance this game will go to a classic penalty shootout situation and you can use BOTH platforms at the same time!

Squarespace vs shopify 6

Your business site could be built on Squarespace to leverage the looks and CMS effectiveness, while your product pages are built on Shopify to leverage the easy and powerful ecommerce. Because team work really does make the dream work. 

So, just like in the famed sports documentary ‘Mean Girls’, let’s split the cup into three parts.

Squarespace vs shopify 7

"Best Website Platform For Beautiful, Effective, Unique Sites" goes to Squarespace.

"Best Ecommerce Platform For Power and Grace" goes to Shopify.

"Best FrankenPlatform for Beautiful Effective Sites with Exceptional Ecommerce” goes to Team Shopify + Squarespace.


Thanks for joining us for this exciting bracket, and special thanks to Matt who might have  some kind of hernia as a result of this series.


To get your site started on one of these championship platforms, give us a shout!

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