My Site is Live! Now What?

Posted by pb+j on Mar 12, 2018 3:11:04 PM

site live now whatCongratulations! You poured your heart into a new kick @S% site and now it’s live. You can finally sit-back, relax, and...wait a minute, nobody got time for ‘dat! It’s now time to ensure that your site is getting all the qualified visits it deserves. But how?! How do we win the internet? Obviously, I want my sleeves to be loaded with tricks, but they’re trickless. We have to do everything the hard way. Consistent work with SEO, Content Development, PPC, and Social Media.


They may as well change this term to “Google Optimization” because they’ve won the search engine battle (for now…). There are over 3 billion searches a day on Google and they account for over 60% of all search engine use globally. So obviously we want to get easily found on Google. How do they rank sites? It’s not smoke and mirrors, it’s robots and science.


Google uses hundreds of different variables to rank websites like content, keywords, links, mobile friendliness, site security, social indicators, structure of the site, traffic, and user engagement (and they’re updating their algorithm thousands of times throughout the year). A couple of the most important variables are on-page factors like the title tag and H1 tag so being precise and selective there is critical (and other industry jargon).


Make sure the way people are actually searching for whatever it is you’re selling is reflected on the site (not just how you talk-shop around the water cooler). Also, we can make assumptions when we’re on a site because we’re humans but Google cannot. They’re a robot reading the text on the site so if you don’t include it on your site, you’ll never rank for it.



SEO takes patience and time, and you can’t jury-rig robots and science (disclaimer: do not try to). You want to get found on Google quickly? Bid on keywords from those 3 billion searches a day or target people with image ads across Google’s network of 2 million plus sites across the web. Just like there are hundreds of variables to rank websites, there are hundreds of tactics to appear at the top of Google and generate traffic on your site quickly through search. And using users’ interests, articles they’re reading, what site they’re on, or indicators they’re in market; you can get on people’s screens through display tactics. All of this does come with one caveat: you’re going to have to pay-to-play (watch the musical rendition).


Facebook isn’t just for stalking exes anymore! Now you can watch cooking videos on how to turn one single chicken breast into 40 different (healthy) meals in 90 minutes to hack your chicken cooking life. Now with Facebook Business you can leverage some of the most granular user data available to get in front of highly targeted people that will either make the marketer in you jump for joy or the Robert Langdon in you head for a bunker and strap on a tin-foil hat. It’s creepy-cool.

 A site is just like a brick-and-mortar, you can’t expect to just turn on the light, open the door, and expect people to walk in. You need to market your site and generate traffic. So...your site is live! Let’s work together to get the right traffic there!

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