Is Squarespace Good For Blogging? All Your Questions Answered

Posted by pb+j on Jun 26, 2018 8:18:00 AM


Squarespace and WordPress both launched in 2003, and ever since their release, the rivalry began: “Squarespace is better for photography and WordPress is better for blogging!” “WordPress is an SEO master and Squarespace is an SEO lackluster” “Marvel is better than DC!”

The best analogy I’ve heard is Squarespace is like an iPhone and WordPress is like Android. Squarespace works like a charm, is super user-friendly, and let’s face it, is pretty. WordPress can also work really well if the user is more tech-savvy, and has the time and expertise to execute. But both phones can surf the web, take beautiful photos, and, in the right hands, even make a phone call.

Squarespace is a super user-friendly, easily updatable, and SEO (search engine optimization) powerful website platform. Some more specific questions about Squarespace have arisen since 2003...

So here are the most popular Qs and their As.

Q: "I know WordPress is great for blogging, but is Squarespace any good?"

A: Yes. Squarespace is much easier than WordPress because of its drag and drop functions. Also, everything mentioned above. It’s all what you put into it (and then we start talk’n SEO. Addressed down below).

Q: "What can and can you not do with blogging on Squarespace?"

A: You can easily blog as often as you desire. Blogs are mobile friendly and come in over 40 templates. There’s not much you can’t do, unless you want to start coding an intricate blog variation where letters start disappearing and everything flies secretly to a land of treasure. Read all about Squarespace blogs here. 

Q: "Can I have filters on blogs in Squarespace for someone that is searching for something specifically?"

A: Sure can! You can make it easier to search for posts in Squarespace by leveraging tags. 

Q: "Can I change things like author, date, title, etc.?"

A: All blogs must have the title “25 Reasons Why Arrested Development Is The Smartest Show Of All Times.” And then you can snap out of it and update the title, author, and even republish the date at any time. Has this just happened to me?  

Q: "Are some Squarespace blog templates better for blogging than others?"

A: They sure are! Not blogging in general, but blogging in relation to your site and your site’s goals. The different templates have different features as described here. But our designers are Squarespace experts, so they can definitely make key recommendations (some more tips here).

Q: "Can I make an image heavy blog on Squarespace?”

A: Sure can! Remember to include alt tags on all your photos so Google can read them too!

Q: “Can we migrate a blog over easily from Wordpress/wherever my blog is currently?”

A: From WordPress, Wix, to GoDaddy or other platforms, Squarespace allows a basic transition of blog content (and then some hard work can fill in any gaps). Once again, they provide detailed instructions how to have a successful migration, and our designers are great at this too. If you can tell, I do care for our designers greatly. 

Q: “Blogging is key to our success, does it have good layouts? Does it do well with SEO on the blog posts?”

A: Sure does! Squarespace makes it really easy to stay on top of your blog game. SEO is all about keywords, page titles, content, backlinking, and so much more that Squarespace makes super simple to execute. Love that your business uses blogs! We love blogs too. Because we also do digital marketing. We also do shameless promotion. 

Q: “Can you subscribe to the blog like you can on WP?”

A: Yup! Attach your Squarespace blog with your third-party email service and then your readers can receive notifications when you have something shiny and new out! 

Q: “Does it have an RSS feed?”

A: Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds come built-in with Squarespace blogs :)

To conclude, Squarespace is a leading platform for blogging, web hosting, and ecommerce. Its functions are more controlled than WordPress’ which ensures that everything works how it’s supposed to. Our designers can take the perfect template for you and make it unique, on-brand, and on-function (not a word). And then because of its simplicity, you can continue to post all the blogs!

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