Inbound marketing: The new Ford assembly line (without the controversy)

Posted by A Mann on Apr 2, 2017 9:20:39 AM

The machine was born

Flashback to the early 1900s, that revolutionary industrial time when shiz got efficient, but also impersonal with light concern for human rights. 

Henry Ford created efficiencies by creating highly-specialized silos that seamlessly fed into one another to create one product. Alas, the machine was born. Not only the driving machine, but the person machine.

Fast-forward to the early-ish 2000s, and holy moly the analogies are so f**k’n analogical we can slap a hipster ‘stache on a car and do the century over again.

The inbound marketing machine

Using monthly allocation of ‘staying on topic’ to not get political, social, or economical, or anything -al and sticking to the INBOUND MARKETING.

Inbound marketing is the act of providing useful, strategic, and educational content, for anyone who chooses to engage, with the purpose of attracting and retaining customers through data acquisition/analysis. This uber-dry definition looks dull on paper, but in action, can be darn entertaining for all parties involved.

Inbound marketing is the digital version of an assembly line (*see diagram of “marketing funnel” below). Each stage of the marketing tactics is super specialized and really good at its one task.

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Once a customer has passed through each stage, they are led to the next, and so on and so forth, until you get a shiny new Model T (but any product/service).  And it is all automated! (So worker bees don’t lose their minds doing painfully repetitious tasks #AllDayErrDay).

(Source: ResponseTap)

The inbound marketing conveyer software

In this analogical web that you have been woven into, each stage of a creating a car is being equated to each stage of the marketing funnel above. The conveyer belt that moves the car construction is the inbound marketing software in our scenario.

Inbound marketing software, like HubSpot (hyperlink), is stupid smart (like its intelligence is dumbfounding). Platforms provide users the capabilities to create, collect, and analyze consumer content and data. NOTHING is random about inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing doesn’t make physical cars, but it certainly could sell them. It could sell annything.


Inbound marketing. SOLD!
(no souls were harmed in the making of this blog post)

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