4 Unignorable Creative Marketing ideas From 2017 (And What Your Business Can Learn From Them)

Posted by A Davies on Dec 14, 2017 4:54:35 PM

1. AirBnB We Are Here

Unignorable creative in 2017 Airbnb.png(Source: Airbnb Facebook)

What they did

AirBnb, the popular home sharing platform, expanded its offerings beyond accommodation in 2017 with Trips, a people-powered platform where users can find and take part in unique local experiences. Think riding the streets of Miami with a local cycling legend or mastering the delicate art of Japanese ceramics with a Kintsugi master.

They launched the platform with a series of videos featuring these experiences and invited people across the globe to participate via a 24-hour Facebook Live feed. The videos were shot in first-person, courtesy of a helmet-mounted Go-Pro, fully immersing online participants in surf lessons in LA, performance art in Paris, and live street dance in Seoul (among others!). AirBnB made things even more engaging by incorporating user’s real-time comments and interactions in the video: in the Parisian Street Art experience, user comments were written on paper and released into the wind over a Metro grate along with the words of the in-person participants.

What you can do

The chances of a small business bringing in 6.2 million views from 6 different countries like this campaign did is slim, we know. I mean, for sure still write that goal on a piece of paper and release it over a Parisian subway grate, but the more realistic take-away here is the use of Facebook Live. Video should be key in your content strategy for 2018, and Facebook Live lacks the cost barriers and production necessity of more traditional video. It also gives you the ability to interact with consumers IRL through comments.

So host a live Q+A, share a real-time training video, or interview an industry leader. Just remember: promote, promote, promote (by creating epically targeted ads) on your social channels and blog before the event. No one wants to throw a party and have no one come.


2. KxP Style Guides

Best creative 2017 King x Portland.png(Source: kingxportland.com)


Toronto-based sock subscription company King X Portland are purveyors of classy Canadian cool. Their socks are locally-designed and seasonally-curated, and are made for trendy King-West types who know the difference between a full and a half-Windsor. So was their digital marketing, featuring interviews with Toronto movers and shakers.

But, after taking a look at their data and surveying customers, King X Portland found they might be missing an opportunity to speak to a new type of audience: the Toronto not-quite-trendsetter. Their subscription sock boxes were often being bought as presents by kind partners hoping to help a style newbie kickstart a better-looking wardrobe from the ground up. So, KxP pivoted, creating simple style guides for subscribers, working with those movers and shakers to get their top style tips and share them with the people who wanted them most.


Don’t rest on your buyer persona laurels! Or disregard your data! Instead, think of your customers as they are: real people, with changing needs, who are going to grow and evolve. Don’t get left behind by never looking at your delicious data, analyzing what’s working and what’s not, then tinkering and testing and evolving until you find the perfect combination. There are always more customers out there, and once you find them, it’s your job to find the best way to speak to them.


3.Be The Match Be The Guy

Best creative 2017 Be The Guy.png(Source: adsonthemoon.com)


Be The Match is an online bone marrow donor registry that was lacking 18-24 year-old male donors, a coveted but notoriously tough to engage target audience. So, they created ads that spoke their language, then went right to the source: platforms where 18-24-year-old males are abundant. Their ads ran on Reddit, popular gaming site Twitch, and social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, using visuals perfectly suited to the target audience and the platform.

Meme-hungry Reddittors were served fail-videoesque clips of a guy trying to land a kickflip on a treadmill, exactly the kind of random content they’d expect, followed by the simple message that ‘This guy could save a life.’ Twitch users saw popular gamers walking them through the process of signing up to be a donor in the same way they walk them through the process of crushing that next level, and app users saw fun ads with platform-specific copy like ‘Swipe left guys could save a life.’ The campaign got 17,974 new donors, and will surely go down in history as the most empowering use of a video where a man tries to catch a Nerf Gun dart on his own bald head.


Target like you’re Katniss and District 12 is depending on you! You have to know where your personas are and what they’re looking at to really use your digital content effectively. Are you a visual brand? Instagram! More on the business side? Get on LinkedIn! There really is no point creating amazing content if it’s not getting in front of the right eyes.

Also, talk the talk! Having your own brand voice is key, but make sure to adapt content to the platform you’re using. Don’t write 17 Tweets in a row and expect people to read them. That’s just a blog! Social media is a chance to talk with your audience, not at them, and gives you a chance to connect with your audience in a first-hand way. So don’t just shout your advertising message at them over and over. Build your brand presence on social by speaking like a real person, who is speaking to real people, who knows what real people come to social media to do: watch quick, fun clips while they’re on the toilet. But please - whatever you do, and whoever tells you it is a good idea, and whatever platform you are on - NEVER SAY BAE.


4.Content Corner

Best Creative 2017 Content Corner.png


Took our collective knowledge about digital marketing and wrapped it in a series of educational video tutorials, packed with stats, facts, rants, raves, and more Arrested Development jokes than you can shake a dead dove at. Our strategically-selected topics were filled with keywords and often-searched info that would be relevant to our digital hungry audience, like ‘what is Squarespace?’ and ‘best digital marketing practices’.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: VIDEO. Video content is on the rise in digital marketing in a big way. Just ask our friends at Hubspot! In their State of Inbound 2017 report, which is a great read in general, almost 50% of the marketers they surveyed expected to add video to their content distribution channels. You have to keep up with those Joneses! Video content appeals to 59% of decision makers, it converts more traffic via landing pages, and it increases your email click-through rate by 200-300%.

Stuck for your first video idea? Ask your team what kinds of questions they get asked on the regular, then answer them in a video! There are also how-to’s, recipe videos, video portfolios- whatever it is, just make sure to include a keyword-filled description and title to help your SEO marketing efforts, and remember to use subtitles, since over 80% of videos are watched without sound. Secretly. At work.


Know what all these campaigns had in common?

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