10 ways to get off that dirty second page of Google (told through Zac Efron)

Posted by Randi Mann on Jun 16, 2017 2:06:04 PM

Coffee shops, salons, creative agencies, and crowded market places alike, all face the digital reality of the first page Google fight. That first page is the only one that counts. Obviously, Google knows this, and is capitalizing at every click.

As a writer, this is great. Because Google has the resources to create and provide free innovations such as Google Docs, Translate, and approximately 100% of the resources needed to let the letters run across the page. 

As a marketer, this is great. But ‘great’ in the sense of ‘I like a challenge that can some days seem insurmountable’. Not to worry, if 2000s TV musicals taught me anything, "we’re all in this together."

Top 10 ways to show up in the first 8 results in Google:

1. Spend

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The first four "results" of your Google search? Ads. AdWords is Google's way of letting the large corporations of the world feel safe in the digital world. You can buy your way to the top of the results page, but you can also 'smart' your way there.

AdWords' complicated grading system leaves lots of room for strategy and creativity to get the most bang for your buck. 

2. Transparency

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Google's page ranking algorithm includes a "quality score." This score is its own algorithm in itself, but a page's accuracy and transparency is a highly weighted factor. If your Ad on AdWords claims you're the CHEAPEST place to buy Zac Efron paraphernalia, but all of your Efron life-size cutouts are $1 million, that's not so good. No rank for you!

3. Relentless

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In order to perform at the top of your game, you got to see how you stack up. Once your AdWords, digital strategy, website...are doing their thing, it's the reporting, analyzing, and recalibrating that gets those abs to show. Abs are like websites in no way at all, apologies for the weak analogy.

4. Creativity

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When you want a crop top, but life gives you a full-length, get your scissors! Google ranking creativity can include ads with: hilarious copy, hilarious images, hilariously accurate information. No joke. Google knows what's authentic and what is being made up to seem more attractive #CounterProductive.

5. Accuracy

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Google has mom-level ability to know if something is truth or a lie. Make sure that everything on your site actually reflects what is happening. Same thing with AdWords. As soon as you tell alternative truth, Google will penalize in you in their page rank. 

6. Verified

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Does your webpage have an associated YouTube channel? Facebook page? Google listing? Verify them! Each platform will have its own process to "verify" your page/business. Take the steps, Google will reward. 

7. Referencing
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Making a claim? Make a reference. Link building is a strategy to strengthen your search engine ranking by linking to other rank-worthy websites. Linking to a random sketchy wesite is like inviting a drink-spiller to a party. You want a strong network, none of this clumsy business. 

8. Keywords

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If you are Canada's best digital marketing agency, you want to include those exact keywords in your site, in your blog posts, and in the page descriptions (behind the scene work). Know which keywords you should be included with AdWords' Keyword Planner...and stick to the plan. 

9. Write

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Write up an agile marketing plan. Write some greats ads. When using images, use alt tags. Keep writing blogs injected with your keywords. Every time your site has a new blog post, it gets a new page. More pages, more rank*** (all the asterisks, because there are many caveats to the ever-changing Google ranking system).

Ultimately, don’t be a bad neighbour, misrepresent yourself (17 - never again), or be typecast for the rest of your life. Google rewards websites that stand out, are authentic, and are well rooted in a web of respected sites. At least for now…(dum dum dummmm). Stay on top of best search engine practices and Efron flicks by subscribing to the blahg.

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