What is Hubspot? Explain it to me like I’m an 8-year-old

Posted by A Davies on Aug 17, 2017 11:26:00 AM

Welcome to ‘Explain It To Me Like I’m an 8-year-old’, our new recurring blog where we break digital marketing down, then down again, to its simplest. possible. terms.


Because if it works for Michael Scott...

HUBSPOT for 8-year-olds

Hubspot is the super awesome Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper of your dreams. The one with all the zippered pockets and the neon tabs and a candy-coloured rainbow unicorn on the front.

Trapper Keeper.jpg


It's a place to keep all of your important lists and stuff: a detailed diary or all your friends (contacts), what your friends like, where they are, everything you’ve ever said to them, plus all your homework. Basically, everything you need to make sure your friends stay your friends.

Are you snug as a bug in a rug? Let’s begin the breakdown.

WHY Hubspot?

Why does it matter if you talk to your friends?

If you want your friends to stay your friends and then tell their friends (especially cool Becky with the pool parties) what a great friend you are, you have to make being your friend worthwhile.

Give them the occasional chocolate pudding (blog post), share hot ‘who’s holding hands?’ gossip (social media), and make sure they know who has the best all fuzzies, no shinies sticker collection for tradesies (gated content and landing pages).

Plus, you want to make sure you’re giving them this pudding/gossip/stickers at a time when they really need it. Maybe they just realised they’re hungry and the goat’s milk yogurt their weird nutritionist mom gave them is NOT gonna cut it. Then BAM, there you are, with your chocolate pudding, helping them solve problems they just realised they had. And forever, you’re gonna be ‘Cool Chocolate Pudding Girl’, friend to all and queen of the playground, and your teacher will tell your parents at Parent’s Night how awesome you are at playing with others (analytics).

So, you’ve got a whole bunch of ways to find friends and anticipate their pudding problems, but how do you keep track of them all? How do you know who wants pudding, and who is trading stickers (one puffy for two shinies or GTFO), and who is ready for the hottest gossip?


So now imagine that super awesome Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper was, in fact, a robot book. Penny Gadget styles.



And that robot’s job was to do everything on your behalf. Just load it up with all your friend info and it keeps track of everything: when you last talked to them; what you gave them; what they’re looking for; and what their favourite foods, colours, and members of One Direction are/were. It also lets you schedule and plan things ahead of time in the calendar pages. Like if you wanted to do all your homework all at once, and then your book would automatically send it to your teacher when the assignment is due, and tell you how you did so you can make sure your next assignment is an A++.

To speak adult for a sec: Hubspot is that Trapper Keeper. It’s been that Trapper Keeper THE WHOLE TIME! Hubspot keeps track of your buyers, where they are in their buyer’s journey, what you’ve already communicated with them, which offers you’ve shared, and exactly how to target them with right content at the right time. Then, it provides detailed analytics of every interaction so you can tailor your next rounds of content marketing. Now, if only there was a way to get a candy-coloured unicorn on the front...


Long story short, HubSpot turns your website into a big, beautiful, shiny, client-attracting blockbuster of inbound marketing. Basically, your website is Moana.



Research proves Moana is very hot amongst the 8-year-old crowd right now. (And the adult-woman-writer-of-this-article crowd.)

If you’re not an 8-year-old and are ready to learn more about Hubspot, let’s talk!

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