Navigating websites shouldn’t be Columbus work

Posted by Randi Mann on May 26, 2017 9:52:09 AM

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North America - found. Internet - found. The “contact us” button…NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

Why website navigation matters:

Imagine (with your eyes open. while reading) your website is a physical store:

Everything in a store is strategically placed. I’m not chomping on this gum right now because I went into Marshalls for a pack of minty fresh. Fittings rooms, “Genius Bars,” exits (*clears throat* Ikea), are all placed to navigate their guests.

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Companies like H&M, Apple, and Ikea have reinvented customer navigation in their respective fields: H&M’s sub-brand department store, Apple’s cash register-less archipelagos, and Ikea’s serve yourselves insanity maze of impulse buying. The commonality among these stores, is that their navigation is clearly defined

The analogy has been made enough? Yes. Barely an analogy? Yes! Your website needs to strategically lead its guests around its domain. Annnnd guest direction is (should be) even easier online because you don’t have to deal with screaming couples, stray children, or punning Australians (sorry Ikea…you’re taking a hit. You love the attention/it’s a…)


Let's get our own pun out there- or more so a play-on word. Your goal is to be the best host to your party visitors. You take their coats, give them drinks, give them the grand tour and let them feel at home. Guest navigation is one crucial aspect of user experience (UX).

UX is just an unnecessarily intimidating acronym for being a good host. How? With strategic web design and copy, you navigate your customers to exactly where they want to go. Which works out well, when they have navigated themselves to the wine cellar (fancy house) and now need a direct path to the porcelain bowl.

Speaking of vomiting, don’t allow your site guests to get lost at sea. Explorers have laid the groundwork, scientists have connected the internets, it’s our turn to provide good user navigation. Are your guests lost? Are you lost? We’re all lost. If you’re lost in the world of web navigation, may we suggest a further read, Explore the brave new world of web design, or the ol' reliable:

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