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Posted by A Davies on Aug 10, 2017 11:40:00 AM

Shedding some light on our popular Squarespace Design Package.

But a harsh, yellow light. A changing room light, if you will.

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You’ve come to us to get a beautiful-yet-affordable website baby, with personalized strategy and meticulously on-brand design parents. Squarespace templates cut down on website development behind-the-scenes nerdy code stuff, and less code = less cost. Our Squarespace Specialist designers get in there and jazz that template up beyond recognition. SO. MUCH. JAZZING. Unless you’re looking for effective design to elevate your brand in the digital world, in which case it will remain within recognition but still in a very creative way.

Of course your new responsive site will also be optimized for mobile, created with accessibility in mind (WCAG 2.0, holla!), and tested on different browsers and devices to make sure there’s no funny business.


The goal: Create a website that supports the goals of your business.

How we measure: Does it support your business’ goals, products, brand, brand voice, etc?

Total cost: 3k

Total "your time" saved: 3k worth



1. Getting to Know You and Your Business

One of our team of amazing designers will be your contact point, your teammate, and your Girl/Guy Friday from start to finish. You start by filling out an Intake Survey, which is a questionnaire we’ve disguised as a fun activity so we can learn everything about your business, your goals, and your website hopes and dreams.

Starting off on the right foot: $487.50


2. Pitch, Please

Our designers will take everything away and make a creative pitch with 2 different ways of expressing your brand. You’ll pick your favourite — and yes, you can pick a little from Column A and a little from Column B — and they’ll create 2 homepage concepts so you can see your new direction come to life. You get a round of revisions (just in case we don’t get it perfect the first time) (hey, it happens!) (well, rarely).

Joyous collaboration time: $900


3. Build It Beautiful

You send us everything we need to start building: any copy (or let us do it #SeeBelow #Shameless), any images, any menus, merchandise, etc etc etc. When you’re feeling good and we’re feeling good, we’ll start building your site in Squarespace’s secret mode, so no one sees your masterpiece until it’s finished. We check in every step of the way to make sure you’re picking up what we’re putting down (design-wise), and when the site is built and you’re happy, we’ll connect your domain and go SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!*

Goal-accomplishing build + out-of-this-world launch: $1050 + $562.50

*This could actually happen on any day of the week, though, because we’re innovators.


Generic page count traps suck. That’s why we run on a credit system: rather than pigeonholing clients into pages WE pick, we let YOU decide where we’re spending our time and energy so you can get exactly what you want (or what your business needs.) When you purchase the Squarespace package, you get 10 design credits. That means you get maximum flexibility and the site of your dreams.



This is half a hero page. See the full page!

A hero page (something like a home page) takes more design time. It’s your star and sets the tone for the rest of your site — so it takes the most design time.

= 4 credits



See full page here

A feature page (something like an about page) is less design-heavy, but still takes a medium amount of design time.

= 2 credits




A content page (something like a clients or case studies page) takes less design time since you’ll provide a lot of the content.

= 1 credit

If you need to buy more credits (aka need design time that’s over and above what’s included), it’s $150/credit. It keeps everyone (us & you) accountable and maximizes everyone’s time.


Because your website may need something that another site may not.

  • Looking for copy? We’ve got writers to craft clever headlines for you, or to boost your SEO to get your page found (Take this post for example. Filled with cleverness and injected with SEO :).
  • While our designers can do a lot in Squarespace, sometimes you want a little somethin’ somethin’, dev-wise, to take your page to the next level: animations, hover states, fancy stuff like that. Our developer can supercharge your page for you!
  • Your business is evolving, and you might need to know how to add something to your site. We’ll train you up in Squarespace so you can make all the minor adjustments you need to! (If you need a major adjustment, that’s okay too! Just give us a call so we can make sure we’re doing the job right.)
  • Are you an online store or a merchant? Perhaps you sell organic soaps, inorganic cookbooks, or the finest garments spun from the finest silks? We can setup your ecommerce shop for you!

That’s our Squarespace package in all its shameless, weirdly-sexual glory.
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